California Commercial Technology Transactions Attorney

SVT: Commercial Technology Transactions Attorney in California

The world of business runs on agreements that legally and practically define business relationships. Whether you are entering into a strategic partnership, selling or securing software licenses, or entering into any other form of commercial technology transaction in Silicon Valley, it is critical to have a written agreement that clearly defines the terms of the deal and protects the interests of all parties involved. 

That is why you need a transaction attorney who understands the complexities of the California tech world. 

SVT has worked with the most powerful technology clients in Silicon Valley, including Apple, Amazon-Alexa, Dolby and many others to draft, negotiate, and review transaction agreements of all shapes and sizes. 

Why Do You Need a Commercial Technology Transactions Attorney in Silicon Valley?

Business agreements involving technology are complex, and must take a number of factors into account. Each business must ensure its needs are met, and their investments are protected. However, the legal issues involved often go beyond standard contracts. Understanding the legal areas like intellectual property rights and data privacy require a special understanding of the law. 

Commercial technology agreements often involve significant financial considerations. When such large sums of money are involved, you need a skilled transactional lawyer to place legal protections into writing and secure the most favorable terms.  

Hiring the right San Francisco based transactional lawyer will also ensure that your agreements are in compliance with state and federal regulations involving data privacy and security, giving you the peace of mind to move forward with confidence.

Why Choose SVT as Your California Commercial Transactions Attorney?

At SVT, we draw upon our extensive experience working as in-house general counsel for a variety of high profile Silicon Valley technology firms to guide our clients through a range of commercial transactions. Our knowledge of the technology sector, including as a litigator managing deals gone wrong, allows us to anticipate and solve for pitfalls.

Not only are we experienced in the technology industry, we pride ourselves in taking a client-first approach to developing the ideal solution for each client. 

As your San Francisco based commercial transaction attorney, SVT provides strategic value through:

Tailored Solutions

We work to understand each of our clients goals in the short and long term. We take the time to understand your business needs so that we can draft agreements that keep your business goals first. 

Clear Communication

Legal jargon can be unfamiliar, confusing, or even counterproductive. We use clear, concise, language so that anyone can understand the implications of each legal agreement.  

Experienced Negotiations

We negotiate hard on issues that matter to your business, with tactics proven to get you the best deal with technology vendors in California. We don't waste time on issues that are unimportant. And we know the difference.

Risk Mitigation

We craft legally sound agreements that will lockdown your intellectual property rights, so you can focus on growing your business with confidence.

Long Term Strategy

Technology transactions require strength of vision. We act as your trusted advisor throughout your journey, and ensure legal continuity through each stage of your business growth.

Our Services as a Silicon Valley Technology Transactions Attorney 

At SVT we represent our clients in comprehensive array of commercial technology transactions, including:

Software Agreements

Whether you are acquiring or licensing software, SVT drafts carefully defined agreements that establish the most critical factors to our clients success including intellectual property rights, indemnification, limitation of liability and scope of use.

Cloud Technology Agreements

SVT authors cloud computing agreements involving SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS technologies for our clients that define complex legal nuances, including security requirements, service levels, pricing, and termination clauses. 

Technology Collaboration Agreements

SVT helps clients enter into a partnership, joint venture, or strategic alliance, by defining ownership rights, profit sharing, and decision making processes, while also establishing exit strategies.

Research and Development Agreements

SVT sets the legal parameters for R&D agreements including scope of research, protection of trade secrets, terms of funding and resource allocation, and IP ownership for our clients and their partners. 

Manufacturing and Supply Agreements

SVT creates agreements to legally define product specifications, production schedule, quality control standards, and pricing considerations for production agreements between our clients and their manufacturing partners in California and beyond. 

SVT also has extensive experience serving as a commercial transactions attorney for other technology transactions such as:

  • Consulting, independent contractor, professional services and outsourcing agreements
  • Master service agreements for IP development and other services
  • Acquisition and divestiture of technology and other assets
  • “Clickthrough” agreement process and enforceability
  • Due diligence and counseling for financings, acquisitions and sales and divestitures
  • Commercial leases
  • Employment agreements, including assignment of intellectual property
  • Marketing agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Employee equity compensation agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • Settlement agreements

Let SVT Earn the Right to Represent You as Your Commercial Transactions Attorney

As transactional lawyers, putting our clients in position to succeed drives us. We are dedicated to understanding your needs and providing comprehensive legal solutions that drive your success in Silicon Valley. 

Contact SVT today for a free consultation and let us demonstrate how our legal expertise can provide a stout foundation for your next commercial technology transaction.