Outside General Counsel/Chief Legal Advisor To Companies Without In-House Lawyers

Keeping an in-house legal team can be cost prohibitive for many startups, but that doesn't mean high quality legal counsel is out of reach.

The biggest tech companies have an army of lawyers to represent them and handle their legal needs. But what about startups in Silicon Valley? They need knowledgeable legal advice as much as anyone else, but often lack the budget to keep an entire legal staff on payroll. 

That is where SVT comes in. We offer our services as outside general counsel lawyers as an accessible way for small and growing businesses to get the legal help they need. 

SVT brings 25 plus years of experience working as in-house general counsel for both public and private companies in Silicon Valley to the table. We know the legal intricacies of the tech world, and provide a flexible and effective way for companies to solve legal issues without hiring a full time legal team. 

While we specialize in the tech industry, our services are available to startups and growing businesses of all kinds, giving you the legal help you need - when you need it.

What is Outside General Counsel?

Outside general counsel offers a way for startups and growing businesses to obtain the legal services of an experienced attorney, without committing to the expense of a full time legal department. 

Also known as fractional general counsel, an outside general counsel attorney operates as a contractor, working on a part time, or as needed basis. 

Outside general counsel attorneys are no less skilled than full time attorneys, but offer a much more affordable way for businesses to receive high quality legal expertise. Because outside general counsel lawyers work on an as needed basis, the cost is significantly less than the cost of keeping an in-house general counsel. 

Why Choose SVT as Your Outside General Counsel Attorney?

For over 25 years, SVT has provided essential legal support to tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've worked 15 of these years as in-house general counsel for companies like Shutterfly, Actuate Corporation, Accela and ClearDATA Networks. We have also supported companies like Amazon (Alexa), Apple and Dolby in other in-house roles supporting product development/privacy/engineering and sales.

Now our expertise in solving legal issues in the technology industry is available to your business, as fractional general counsel. SVT provides: 

Cost Effective Solutions

By retaining the services of SVT as your outside general counsel attorney, you can save money on the salaries, benefits, and office space that a full time legal time would require. 


Your legal needs will change as your business grows. With outside general counsel services, you don't pay for services you don't need. When you require specific legal guidance down the line, SVT will be there to support your needs.  

Technology Industry Specific Expertise

We have seen it all in the tech industry. Our experience is your benefit, as we handle the intricacies of technology law for you.  

Who Can Benefit Most from Outside General Counsel Services?

Companies in the early stages, like tech industry start ups, often have complex legal needs, but lack the budget for a full time in-house legal counsel. These businesses are ideal candidates for SVT's outside general counsel services.  

But it's not just startups who can benefit. We also work with mid-sized and established businesses to supplement their legal needs. Businesses with fluctuating needs, or those that simply don't require a full time legal team can also benefit from working with an outside general counsel lawyer. 

And, when we don't have expertise in a specific area, we can draw on a deep network developed over our 25 plus years to find the exact expert you need.

Services SVT Can Perform as Your Outside General Counsel Lawyer

As your outside general counsel lawyer, SVT can perform nearly any legal service or function you need. Some examples of services we can perform include:

  • Contract Negotiation and Review - We have extensive experience drafting tech-industry specific contracts like service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and licensing agreements

  • Corporate Compliance and Governance - Our experience in Silicon Valley can help your emerging business establish a strong corporate foundation, establish and maintain good governance hygiene and stay in compliance with regulatory requirements. 

  • Intellectual Property Protection - Your intellectual property is your most valuable resource. SVT will ensure your IPs are protected with patent, trademark, and copyright registration. 

  • HR and Employment Law - We can help your business establish HR structures including employee contracts, workplace policies, benefits, as well as dispute resolution and termination.  

  • Mergers and Acquisitions - We have extensive experience navigating mergers and acquisitions, on both sides of the equation. We can help you through the negotiation process, structuring the deal, and closing procedures. 

Looking for an Outside General Counsel Lawyer Near You? Contact SVT Today

Whether you are an emerging startup or an established business, choosing SVT as your outside general counsel attorney can provide significant benefits. We provide cost effective legal solutions that help you obtain specialized industry expertise, at a fraction of the cost of keeping an in-house legal team.

Don't wait until an issue arises to secure the legal help you need. SVT is ready to leverage our years of experience navigating the complex legal issues of Silicon Valley to help you realize your business goals. Contact SVT today for a FREE consultation.