Consulting Attorney, Independent Contractor & Master Services Agreements

In today's business environment, independent contractors and consultants are being relied upon more than ever to solve a wide variety of challenges. 

Hiring contractors provides a business flexibility, allowing them to scale their business up or down based on project needs. Contractors also offer businesses access to specialized skills, beyond what their existing workforce offers. For their trouble, contractors often make more per project than salaried employees, but without access to benefits like health insurance and paid time off. 

In order to keep these two forms of work distinct, California labor laws maintain strict classification distinctions for employees and independent contractors. Failure to understand these distinctions can result in misclassification of employees as contractors, and vice versa. The financial repercussions can be damaging. 

In the state of California, independent contractor agreements serve to protect the interests of both parties when entering a business arrangement. Therefore, it is essential to involve a consulting attorney to help both employers and contractors avoid some of the pitfalls common to this type of work, including:

  • Misclassifications
  • Disputes over scope of work
  • Uncertain payment terms
  • Confidentiality issues
  • Ownership of work/intellectual property
  • Unclear Termination Clauses 

Whether you are a business looking to work with independent contractors or consultants, or are an independent contractor yourself, the importance of an independent contractor attorney drawing up a well defined legal agreement cannot be understated. 

At SVT, our deep experience as a professional services law firm will ensure that you can establish a comprehensive agreement that allows both businesses and contractors to enter a professional work relationship with confidence.

Why Choose SVT as Your Professional Services Lawyer?

As your professional services lawyer, SVT is dedicated to providing close, personalized attention to each of our clients. We work with you to fully understand your business goals, and create agreements tailored to your specific needs so you can hire with confidence.

With nearly 20 years of experience working as general counsel and head of corporate law for a variety of technology companies, SVT possesses an intimate knowledge of the working relationship between businesses in the tech sector and contractors. We have the experience needed to construct and implement legal documentation that clearly establishes the working relationship.

Our Consulting Attorney Services

  • Consulting Service Agreements - We help our clients clearly define important variables such as the scope of work, payment terms, intellectual property ownership, confidentiality requirements, and termination clauses. 

  • Independent Contractor Agreements (ICAs) - We can create detailed ICAs that minimize the risk of misclassification, and protect the interests of both contractors and businesses.

  • Master Service Agreements (MSA) - For businesses that regularly work with many contractors, we can craft a Master Service Agreement that can streamline the hiring process by establishing a framework for terms and conditions that apply to all contractors performing a specific type of work on a project. 

SVT is the Professional Services Lawyer of Choice for Both Contractors and Business Owners

For business owners, our work as consulting attorneys will help you secure your business interests when working with contractors, and ensure you are compliant with state and federal regulations. 

As an independent contractor attorney, we ensure your rights and compensation are clearly defined, allowing you to enter into a working engagement with peace of mind.

SVT: A Professional Service Law Firm You Can Count On

Working with independent contractors requires a legal framework that ensures you are prepared to do business in a way that complies with California independent contractor agreements. At SVT, we have the necessary experience in the tech sector to draft legally sound agreements to cover any type of consulting work. Contact SVT today to schedule a free initial consultation with a consulting attorney.